Mission Statement

Welcome to Moved By You! We want to support individuals seeking to dedicate an athletic endeavor to the tragedy or loss of a loved one.

Through donations, we want to sponsor race entries/goals, and would like to share the stories and legacies of those affected through personal tragedy to social media, to inspire others that may have a similar experience.

We are also looking for athletes/coaches to keep the athletes accountable and to help on the journeys of these individuals, if you are interested in helping, being involved, or sharing your story, please click here!

My Story

Growing up, I was active in a number of sports, always with the full support of my parents. They always encouraged my pursuits, no matter how out of the ordinary they were. This followed me right into my career, from touring with a band (at one point ending up in Salt Lake to play at the 2002 Winter Olympics), to my current position as owner of the Guitar Cities music schools, where we teach adults music internationally.

In April of 2009, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. The tumors were found to be quite aggressive, and she passed away in October of the same year. Following that experience, I began to look for something that could both change my life and be dedicated to my mom. After seeing the sport in the 2012 London Olympics, I decided to pursue the Modern Pentathlon.

Training begins...

I chose the Modern Pentathlon because it would expose me to a number of disciplines I had never tried before. The sport consists of:

I played many sports growing up, but none of the sports involved in pentathlon, so this endeavor was going to be a difficult. I hadn't been physically active for a decent period of time, so had some weight to lose, and had to remember how to get my heart rate up!

I began training for the events and began pushing myself. I entered in an escalating amount of races and tournaments. In early 2013, I received 2nd in my division in a 5k, finishing 17th out of 1,129, and a 1st place in my division in the State of Illinois in fencing, earning a trip to Columbus, OH, for the fencing nationals. It was a good start towards my goal.

After these positive results in 2013, I spoke with the coaches for Team USA and registered for an Olympic development camp.

When the camp finished, I was told that qualifying for Team USA was possible if I was to continue and increase my training, which became more of a priority. As my aunt wrote to me, "your mom would be chuckling."

My Journey...

2016 Master's Tetrathlon World Champion!!! I began competing internationally for Team USA in Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon. In June of 2016 I became the Master's Tetrathlon World Champion, and started competing for the Team USA World Cup team in 2017. I had also started training to compete in triathlons, and qualified for the ITU World Championship Triathlon for 2016 for Team USA.

What Now?...

There is a line from "Forrest Gump" which summarizes my journey pretty well; "My momma always said, you have to put the past behind you before you can move on. And I think that's what my run was all about."
For me, this experience has been an extremely therapeutic one, and a constant reminder of my mom, and what she meant to me. At this point, I believe it would be best to start "Moved By You" as a program/foundation that could allow others to get active again in honor of a loved one, to promote wellness, and personal well-being.
I will still be training in these events, however, not as intensely, so I can focus on helping and documenting others' journeys, so they can be an inspiration for those that have gone through similar struggles.


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